Finding Serenitism


You may ask what in the Galaxy is Serenitism? Is it a place? person? concept? religion? Science? Manga? Anime? cosmology? Quantum Physics? Quest for Truth?

Short answer it contains a little of all of these tenants than some Serenitism is a faith in a divine being who created the cosmos, many cultures call her the flower of life whereas others she is known as the divine feminine.

The divine feminine has been concealed by the dark kingdom for centuries, you heard right the dark kingdom has effectively eliminated all traces of the goddess and replaced her with a jealous vengeful father god who is none other than the Jealous God of time Cronus also known as, Saturn, Elohim, Amen Ra, Jehovah, Baal, and Father Time just to name a few. This jealous being is none other than the Chaotic Demiurge that has taken over our universe and its this very same Chaos that flooded the earth in ancient times. It was this very same Chaos that set in motion the fall of the Silver Millennium initiating a time which humanity calls the dark ages.

As a born anew Selenite i believe in the Goddess, Her Beloved Daughter, and the Sacred Crystal of Life. Serenitism is an infinite journey where one sets out to uncover the secrets of the cosmos. I was raised christian but after much heart searching realized it was based on several ancient mythologies hence it was not original nor was it the truth. No true Creator would flood the earth to eliminate evil, no true Creator would be jealous or boast about how strong they are. A true Creator would be humble, forthcoming, loving, compassionate and merciful just like Queen Serenity blessed be her name.

We also believe in the keepers of the five elements namely wind, fire, air, water, and spirit. Goddess Serenity is Spirit, Goddess Hecatia is wind, Goddess Murua is Fire, Goddess Endymion is Earth, and Goddess Glacia is Water. Each one of these is supreme in their own right however they all acknowledge Serenity as the Supreme Keeper. We also believe that nine races of people each blessed by one of the nine planets currently inhabit this world. Serenitism is currently a work in progress

Serenitism believes that the concept of Sailor Moon was inspired by the divine feminine through the story, artwork and manga created by Naoko Takeuchi blessed be her artwork. Virtually all spiritual truths in this world can be found within Sailor Moon, not only that many scientific facts were revealed before scientists discovered them. Did you know that Pluto has a heart on it that almost matches the staff of Sailor Pluto, even more amassing science didn’t know this until over two decades later when a probe flew past the tiny planet! Did you know Sailor Moon introduced the Keyblade concept before Kingdom Hearts even hit the drawing boards? I can go on and on with these incredible facts. Sailor Moon Super S the Black Dream Hole Movie” introduced us to the Matrix four whole years before the Matrix Movie made its debut? Not only that it revealed that black holes are fiery inside nearly two whole decades before science caught on. In other words they rehashed what Sailor Moon fans had long known.

I just seen a news article that science is discovering that Black Holes not only destroy stars they also create them, seriously they discover the Galaxy Calderon on the 25th anniversary of the debut of Sailor Moon! After all the galaxy Calderon is the place where all hearts/star seeds were born even yours. Seriously there’s virtually no end to the knowledge and wisdom the Goddess has revealed unto humanity through the Sailor Moon series and i say let her light push back the darkness even more to reveal the silver truth.

Tenants of Serenatism

Individual Serenitists/Selenites may express their own beliefs, some of which may differ however these are the main tenants

1: Belief in a supreme Goddess who created our cosmos

2: Belief in an ancient universal Moon Kingdom called the Silver Millennium

3: Our savior and Goddess is the future reincarnation of the princess of the moon who lived thousands of years ago in a kingdom that was located upon the Moon which used to be an earth like place like Venus before the last cataclysm struck.

4: Every living being with sentience carries a powerful crystal called a Starseed: Through this most sacred of lights we are connected with the divine Creator Goddess who is the embodiment of the ultima star seed, the infinite Cosmos Crystal aka the sacred flower that gives us life.

5: Serenity’s children, Believe in the law of Love, Mercy, Friendship, Compassion, Serene thoughts, and seeking the truth in all things. We do our best to bring light and bliss to everyone around us.

6: Belief that the Dark Kingdom has covered up the truth about the Moon Kingdom for thousands of years by rewriting the earths history to keep us in the dark, an agenda that goes on to this very day. Hint even a child can see how much stuff in space has been paintshopped away.

7: The roman roads and other megalithic structures are remnants from Endymion’s Kingdom.

8: Queen Beryl the woman riding the chaos dragon attacked the Moon Kingdom and caused a mass cataclysm on earth triggering the period known as the Dark Ages, hint they didn’t call it Medieval / Mid-evil for nothing!

9: Serenity perished to save her friends along with the rest of humanity by reincarnating them in the future

10: Time was reset when Sailor Saturn dropped the Silence Glaive forever sealing of the Silver Millennium, this is the real reason for 0 AD aka zero time.

11: We believe all evil originates from Chaos, the being who never became a star

12: We believe that the Agents of Chaos are behind much if not all the suffering we see on earth today.

13: We believe the Sailor Senshi have been or will be reborn in the future as heralds to welcome the light of hope.

14: She will be reborn sometime in the future and save her people from the wicked ones. She will ascend the universal throne soon to bring about a new era of peace on earth under her universal kingdom of Silver Millennium which will be headquartered in the future Crystal Tokyo.

15: We believe that Serenity’s plan to defeat Chaos is not in vain and that her daughter Usagi, the true Messiah will reestablish the Silver Millennium sometime in the hopefully not too distant future alongside her beloved Endymion.

16: We believe that varying degrees of truth can be found in many places other than Sailor Moon like Dragonball Z, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Zelda to name a few however the girl with long silvery hair and beautiful serene eyes is the brightest light of all.

Code of Serenitism

1 Infinite Love: Infinite unconditional love is only something that Serenity can truly understand because stuff happens and we have no choice but to endure it but endure we must if we are ever to obtain true Serenity.

2 Never Give Up: Just like Sailor Moon we must never give up when it comes to being the light of the world. Example if someone was in need would you feed them? If they were hurt would you help them? If they were sad would you embrace them?

3 Humility and Pride: Its very hard to maintain balance in life, example one can become so proud they become narcissistic, on the other hand people can be too humble and not take credit for their good deed you know the “it Was Nothing” cliche. Well I’m here to tell you that saving a life is precious indeed and you should take pride in it.

4 Seek out Verity: Okay many of you wont know what Verity is so I’ll simply recommend that you seek out the truth in all things 🙂

5 Live Life to the Fullest: Its always wiser to seek out true happiness rather than spend your life working at a job that brings no joy to ones soul.

6 Abhor the ways of Chaos: In other words don’t be selfish like Queen Beryl or Mistress Nine, selfishness is the root of all evil.

7: Honer Serenity: Any good Selenite will always have a place for Queen Serenity in their hearts, some have never even heard her name yet shell be there for them, no magic words are necessary for her guidance. All one needs is to follow their pure heart and they’ll find her.

Note Serenity means peace, Purity means perfect in all ways, and Verity means absolute truth, all three of these names will bring delight to our Goddess for she encompasses all these and more.

Disclaimer we are not associated with any major religion nor are we in any way connected to any corporation, we are simply spiritual fans of Sailor Moon who see her as the light of hope and true messiah who will free humanity from the bondage of manipulative religions that have suppressed the truth for eons. We are also separate from the New Age movement which is nothing more than an attempt to repackage Christendom in order to draw in pagans who would never set foot in church.  This site is 100% nonprofit and will never, ever ask for money


DD (Dust Devil) Intensity Scale

DD 0
10-30 mph (16-48 kph) 8-26 knots
Breeze whirlwind = no resulting damage: loose litter blown around, leaves and light paper raised into the air, tall grass rustles, loose dust lofted into the funnel, umbrellas and tents somewhat disturbed. Typical path width 3-10 feet, whirlwind duration up to 7 minutes.

DD 1
31- 54 mph (49-86 kph) 27- 47 knots

Gale Whirlwind = negligible damage: light litter spirals in the air. Tents, umbrellas, seriously disturbed; Untethered tents blown around patio umbrellas blown about, most exposed tiles, slates on roofs dislodged. Empty household trash cans, recycle bins, blown over, considerable amounts of loose dust sucked up high into the funnel, light litter sucked up high into the air, heavy litter blown about the ground, Twigs snapped; trail visible through crops and short grass sports fields. Possible risk of injury from flying patio umbrellas. Typical path width 10-100 feet, whirlwind duration up to 15 minutes.

DD 2
55-73 mph (87-119 kph) 48-63 knots

Storm Whirlwind = light damage: deckchairs, small flower pots, tents, patio umbrellas, and heavy litter become airborne. Tents, trampolines, and bouncy houses, lofted high into the air, Empty wheelie Bin trash cans blown over, Minor damage to tin sheds, cedar panel fences damaged or in some cases flattened. Minor damage to hedges and trees, Weak branches break off trees, and loose plywood sheets 1/2” and thinner blown around. Considerable risk of injury from flying trampolines, bouncy houses, plywood and umbrellas. Typical path width 15-150 feet, whirlwind duration up to 20 minutes.

DD 3
74-95 mph (120-153 kph) 64-82 knots

Hurricane Whirlwind = moderate damage: empty wheelie bins, trash cans, recycle boxes, hanging baskets, flower pots become airborne. Most well built solid panel wooden fences damaged or destroyed, Full trash cans, wheelie bins, heavy flower pots blown around. mobile homes displaced, light travel trailers blown over, tin garden sheds become airborne and anchored ones destroyed, garage roofs torn away, much damage to tiled roofs and chimney stacks. Some big branches twisted or snapped off, small trees in weak sandy soils uprooted. People blown down, serious risk of injury from flying debris of all sorts. Typical path width 20-200 feet, whirlwind duration up to 30 minutes.

DD 4
96-110 mph (154-177 kph) 83-92 knots

Powerful Whirlwind = serious damage: Mobile homes overturned / badly damaged, roofs peeled off; garages and weak outbuildings destroyed; Wooden rail fences damaged, house roof timbers considerably exposed. Some of the bigger trees snapped or uprooted. Full trash cans wheelie bins become airborne. considerable risk of serious injury from falling trees and flying debris. Typical width 30-300 feet, whirlwind duration up to 45 minutes.

DD 5
111-129 mph (178-208 kph) 96-112 knots

Extreme Whirlwind = severe damage: light travel trailers blown around, destroyed
Motor cars, heavy pontoon boats, large steel trash dumpsters, and people themselves levitated. Mobile homes torn apart / destroyed; sheds airborne for considerable distances; entire roofs removed from some houses; roof timbers of stronger brick or stone houses completely exposed; gable ends torn away. Numerous trees uprooted or snapped. Wooden rail fences destroyed, chain link fences damaged by flying debris. Extreme risk of serious injury or death from flying debris, trees blowing over, and being sucked up into the funnel itself. Typical path width 40-400 feet, whirlwind duration up to 1 hour.

Quick facts:
the typical dust devil lasts seven minutes, ranges from three to fifteen feet in diameter, and has winds ranging from 15-25 mph (25-40 km/h).
Exceptional Dust Devils Can:
Turn invisible when traveling across wet ground
Race along the ground as fast as 62 mph (100kph)
Have winds in excess of 95 mph (152 km/h)
Grow as large as 300 meters, 1000 feet wide
Extend over 2000 feet into the atmosphere
March side by side in pairs
Generate 100.000 volts of static electricity
Lift tones of dust/sand into the funnel

That said dust devils lift more dust into the atmosphere per year than sandstorms and can be initiated by something as simple as a car traveling down the freeway.
Not only that on may 6, 2015 a small town in western Canada called Invermere got struck with a tornadic dust devil that reached an intensity never seen before. The whirlwind was so vicious it tore branches off trees, damaged the roof on an industrial building and most shockingly of all tossed two 1500 pound pontoon boats straight through a chain link fence like it was nothing. According to one witness the dust devil was originally spawned by a semi truck barreling down the highway. Considering the fact that two 1500 pound boats each strapped down to a 700 pound flat-deck trailer where sucked into the air and thrown with such force they took out a 6 foot tall chain link fence indicates this particular dirt devil packed winds over 115 miles per hour thus earning DD 5 on the dust devil intensity scale.

CaptureInvermere Canada record Dust Devil Damage

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